Community Involvement

Preparing Students for Academic Success

The Junior League has a long history of improving the community through partnerships, and that still holds true today. The JLI looks to partner with other community partners whose mission or programs compliment the mission statement and the current strategic focus of the JLI. Our current focus is to provide support to organizations working to prepare students for academic success. The JLI supports community organizations in need of trained volunteers and/or financial support for existing or planned community programs. There are three main ways for community organizations to partner with the JLI: Community projects, volunteer assistance, and Grants.

Community Projects: Each Community Project involves a partnership between the JLI and another nonprofit organization, with the JLI providing both funding and trained volunteers to the partnering organization. To be selected, an organization must serve a constituency in Marion or a surrounding county and propose a program that either compliments the Junior League's mission statement or falls within the JLI's current focus. While the JLI invites applications for new Community Projects each year, one or more of the projects selected each year may be a renewal of a project supported in the prior year. In selecting Community Projects, our membership considers whether a proposed project will: serve a community need; complement our mission statement or fall within our focus area; and match our volunteers' capabilities and needs. For additional information or to apply for a Community Project, please contact

Volunteer Assistance: Through our Community Impact Project (CIP) Committee, the JLI assists other organizations in need of volunteers for single-day events or projects. JLI volunteers have provided assistance to a wide variety of events and organizations around the city, often participating in two to three projects a month. Our CIP Committee consists of a group of trained volunteers ready to assist your organization with a regular program or with your next community event. Visit the Community Impact Project page for more information and to apply for assistance.

For additional information, please contact