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Maddie Kellner
Community Vice President
Madeleine Kellner, PMP is the 2018-19 Community Vice President. Maddie has been a member of the Junior League of Indianapolis since 2015 when she joined to connect with like-minded volunteers who are passionate about developing the community around them. Though her involvement with JLI isn't yet tenured, her volunteerism is long-lasting. Maddie has a camp-counselor-esque passion for getting those around her involved in the latest initiative; she's been a part of the planning committee of Autism Speaks in Indianapolis and a member of the service and charity committee at her employer, HighPoint Global. Maddie also finds joy in working with children and has volunteered as a coach over several seasons with both local basketball leagues and Girls on the Run. Maddie received the JLI Provisional of the Year award in 2016 and the Obstacle Course Award in 2018. As a senior project manager, Maddie feels that her skills in organizing spreadsheets, meeting deadlines, and facilitating conversations will translate directly to a successful Community Council year. Though Maddie is not a native to Indiana, she considers herself well adapted to the Hoosier state, and appreciates that there's less snow here than in Ohio. Maddie lives with her husband Braedon Kellner, Chef/Owner of Tinker Street Restaurant, and three cats: Leo, Morels, and Truffles.

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