Junior League Trust Fund Grants

The Junior League Trust Fund provides nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status with support to serve mentally and/or physically disabled children in Marion County.

The Junior League Trust Fund was established in 1929 to ensure that the work of the first Junior League service project at James Whitcomb Riley Hospital would continue to draw financial support when the volunteer contract expired. The trust was created to allow interest to be given to the Occupational Therapy Department of the hospital. As the Trust grew, money was distributed to many organizations serving children with disabilities. Over the 80+ year life of the Junior League Trust Fund, the Trust has distributed more than $550,000 to organizations serving children with disabilities.

Trust Fund Grants Application

Applications for the 2016-2017 Trust Fund grants are now being accepted.  All applications must be received no later than 5:00 pm on March 10, 2017.  Click here to apply!

Trust Fund Contributions

If you would like to make a contribution to the Junior League Trust Fund, please visit our donation page for more information or to make an online contribution. Thank you for your support!

2015-2016 Junior League Trust Fund Grant Recipients

The following grants were awarded by the JLI during our 2015-2016 grants cycle:

1. Autism Society of Indiana $5,000

  • Autism Society of Indiana has been awarded a $5,000 Trust Fund Grant to enable fifty youth ages 14 and up in Marion County to participate in its Youth Leadership Program (YLP). Participation in the YLP significantly enhances the personal, academic, career and leadership skills of young people with autism, by providing a unique forum that teaches skills that will prepare youth to succeed as young adults. When youth with autism are validated, able to see their potential and feel hopeful for a successful future, their lives become significantly improved, socially, emotionally and physically.

2. Best Buddies Indiana $5,000  

  • BBIN has been awarded a $5,000 Trust Fund Grant from JLI to support the 21 Best Buddies elementary school, middle school, high school, and college chapters in Marion County. BBIN's chapters operate as volunteer-based, extracurricular clubs that pair individuals with IDD in one-to-one friendships with their peers without IDD. The participants maintain their friendships by keeping in contact at least once a week, via phone calls, texts, talking at school, etc., and engaging in bi-monthly social activities together either at school or outside of school. These interactions help the buddy pairs create a meaningful bond. Additionally, each school chapter plans at least four group activities each school year.

 3. Down Syndrome Indiana, Inc. $1,000

  • Down Syndrome Indiana has been awarded a $1,000 Trust Fund Grant in order to partially fund its community support group, Cuenta Conmigo. This group is especially for Spanish speaking parents who have a child with Down syndrome. The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month from February to November in the same location: The Sol Center, 708 E Michigan Street in Indianapolis. It serves approximately 280 individuals annually. The meetings are informative and topics are relevant to the needs of the community. Childcare and a light dinner are provided during the meetings to make them more convenient to attendees.

 4. Indianapolis Children’s Choir $5,000

  • The Indianapolis Children’s Choir has been awarded a $5,000 Trust Fund Grant. The ICC offers a variety of music education programs specifically designed for children who have special needs. This grant supports early childhood programs for more than 200 3- to 5-year-old children who have behavioral, emotional, and physical needs, helping them gain developmental, social, and kinesthetic skills through fun musical activities. The Jubilate Choir is an ensemble which offers children in grades 3 through 9 who have special needs the opportunity to rehearse and perform choral music.

 5. Jameson Camp $5,000

  • Jameson Camp has been awarded a $5,000 Trust Fund Grant. Jameson Camp operates a residential Summer Camp program consisting of 7 weeklong sessions. Jameson Camp welcomes all children and specializes in serving youth with challenges such as learning disabilities, bipolar, developmental disabilities, autism and HIV/AIDS. Additionally, in 2015, 77.7% of the youth served at Jameson Camp csme from low-income households. Campers are immersed in a fun, supportive environment that fosters positive youth development. Jameson Camp’s tagline is "Get Outside. Grow Inside." because the youth in Jameson Camp’s programs are outside and active while gaining in self-confidence and social skills.

 6. Noble, Inc. $4,000

  • Noble, Inc. has been awarded a $4,000 Trust Fund Grant for scholarships and operations for Noble Day Camps. Although open to any camper, Noble Day Camps are primarily designed for children and teens who have an intellectual and/or developmental disability such as Down Syndrome or autism. During the summer months when school is not in session, many children with disabilities can feel alone and isolated. Like their non-disabled peers, they want to chance to enjoy summer activities, express themselves, and have fun with their friends.

 7. St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf $4,000

  • St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf has been awarded a $4,000 Trust Fund Grant for general operating support for its early intervention, preschool programs which bring Listening and Spoken Language services to children across Indiana who are deaf or hard of hearing. All the children served have access to sound through either cochlear implants or hearing aids - or both. Specially trained therapists and teachers help them learn how to use this technology to develop spoken language. Since July 1st, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf has served 142 children from birth through three in its early intervention program of which 41 live in Marion County. There are currently 18 students in the St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf preschool (located in the Northwest comer of Marion County); 5 of whom live in Marion County.

8. Riley Hospital for Children Occupational Therapy Department $1,000



1. Anne Collett Hensley Memorial Fund: $2,444.87: To benefit a cancer patient of the James Whitcomb Riley Hospital under the age of 12 at Riley Children’s Hospital

2. Emily Katheryn Gilroy Memorial Fund $207.13: To provide emergency assistance to families being cared for by Riley’s Children’s Hospital for expenses not covered by other agencies.