JLI Introduces New Provisional Member Experience

Based on feedback from previous provisional classes and retention numbers (both Provisional and 1st year active), there was a need for change within the JLI’s provisional process. Suzanne Brittain (VP of Membership), Joslyn McGriff (Provisional Co-Chair), and Michele Peterson (Provisional Co-Chair) submitted a proposal to the Board to condense the Provisional process from one year to six months. This change allows the process to be more streamlined, with the Provisional experience focusing on learning about the League, making connections and friendships, and having fun!

Pictured: Summer 2019 Provisional Class Graduation

What has changed?

The Provisionals will still attend JLI courses (101, 102, 103, 104) that teach them about League history, how the organization operates, and more about how JLI gives back to the community. There is a higher focus on social connection between the mentor groups and the Provisional class as a whole. The biggest change is that Provisional members will no longer do a six month Provisional placement on a committee, but rather, they will do a Provisional project together. This is a one-day project that empowers the Provisional class to work together on one aspect of the League. The Summer 2019 Class Provisional Project took place at Holiday Mart in November 2019, and following classes will complete their project at the end of their Provisional class experience. There will still be two Provisional classes for potential new members each year. The summer class will run from July to December, and the Winter class will run from January to May.

The League is excited for this change and looks forward to the positive impact that it will have on the League and member experience.

For more information about joining our next Provisional Class, please visit our Become A Member page!