School on Wheels

Founded in 2001, School on Wheels provides one-on-one tutoring and educational advocacy for school-aged children impacted by homelessness. In its first year, School on Wheels and its staff of two, along with 11 volunteers, tutored 50 children at two shelters partners.

Since that time School on Wheels has grown to serve nearly 400 children and their families each year at school and shelter partner sites throughout Indianapolis through on-site tutoring services and education-based case management services. Tutoring and academic support is provided through our school-based programs, shelter-based programs, and enrichment programs for children in grades K-12.

Over the past 19 years, School on Wheels has trained nearly 5,900 community volunteers as tutors to help our staff provide 95,350 tutoring & academic support sessions to 6,272 children impacted by homelessness. Without intervention, students impacted by homelessness are eight to nine times more likely to repeat a grade, but School on Wheels students who attend tutoring for the duration of the school year have a grade promotion rate of 98%! Our students are successful because we work with the teachers and parents of the students enrolled in our programs to develop personal learning plans and set educational goals to help parents become the best advocates for the child’s education.