Holiday Mart Merchant FAQs

Merchant Ordering Information

When is the JLI Holiday Mart?
The 50th annual JLI Holiday Mart is Thursday, November 17th through Sunday, November 20, 2022. Our highly anticipated preview event, Shoppers’ Eve, will take place Thursday evening, November 17, 2022.

How many shoppers attend the JLI Holiday Mart?
We anticipate over 10,000 shoppers each year.

How many merchants attend the JLI Holiday Mart?
We expect nearly 125 merchants, in addition to merchandise from up to 25 artisans and other businesses in the Merry Marketplace space.

Who do I contact if I am interested in being a merchant at the JLI Holiday Mart?
Interested Merchants should visit the Become a Merchant page for additional details.

What is the cost to participate in the JLI Holiday Mart?

10×10 Booth: $1400

10×20 Booth: $2800

10×30 Booth: $4200

20×20 Booth w/ 2 corners: $5,600

Corner Placement ($200 per corner) and Main Aisle Placement ($100 per 10×10) are all available for an additional fee.

Main Aisle Only for an additional fee of $100 per 10×10.

Do you take a commission from sales?
No. Merchant admission is a flat fee.

I want an end-cap. Is that option available?
Yes, there are limited end-caps available.

When are payments due?
50% of the booth space is due 30 days after acceptance; the balance of the booth space, plus add-ons (corner, main aisle, dressing room) is due 60 days after initial payment.   However, main aisle and corner spaces will be assigned on a first-come (paid), first-serve basis. It “pays” to pay early! The Junior League will refund merchants for any overpayment of booth rental due to non-availability of requested booth size within thirty (30) days of the close of Holiday Mart.

Are two (2) businesses permitted in one (1) booth?
Yes, however, one business will have to sign the contract for the booth space and take responsibility for the space.

When will I find out if I am selected to participate?
Applications are juried on a rolling basis. All applicants will receive notice of a decision within one (1) month of application.

Does the Indiana State Fairgrounds offer wireless internet services?
Only if these services are requested prior to Holiday Mart and paid for by the Merchant. The JLI offices at the Indiana State Fairgrounds do not provide wireless Internet services.

Is storage available?
Merchants have the ability to pay for a storage area directly behind their booth space. This is first come first serve as only a limited amount is available.  The Junior League is not responsible for items lost or stolen in this storage area. Use of this area by merchants is at their own risk.

What is an “Add-On”?
There are three “add on” options – Main Aisle Placement and Corner Placement ($300 per 10×10), Main Aisle Placement Only ($100 per 10×10), and dressing rooms ($200). These should be requested on the Merchant Application, but may also be requested via email.

What is Main Aisle Placement?
We have a limited number of main aisle booths available. Priority for placement will be given to merchants requesting Main Aisle Placement based on date that ALL merchant requirements are received. Cost is $100 per 10X10 space.

Are corner booths available?
There are a limited number of corner booths available. Priority for placement will be given to merchants requesting a Corner placement based on date that ALL merchant requirements are received.  A Corner placement is also considered a main aisle. Cost is $300 per corner.

Do you offer dressing rooms?
Dressing rooms are available for booths 10X20 or larger.  This request needs to be submitted in your application