Junior League of Indianapolis Youth Protection Guidelines

All JLI volunteers working with youth under the age of 18 at any event associated with the Junior League of Indianapolis are expected to read/understand, agree to, and abide by these guidelines.

Education: The Junior League of Indianapolis is expected to educate its members on the JLI Youth Protection Guidelines. These guidelines are to be incorporated into the JLI Provisional training program, and are also expected to be updated annually and shared with all members volunteering on behalf of the Junior League of Indianapolis. Members must sign an acknowledgment that they have read these Rules on an annual basis as local and state laws and guidelines may change, requiring this document to be updated annually.

Volunteer: A volunteer is defined as a Junior League of Indianapolis member and who has expressly volunteered to work with children in the current Patachou Foundation program, a CIP opportunity, or any community event which involves working with children under the age of 18 on behalf of Junior League of Indianapolis.

Criminal History Background Checks: When members apply for membership to the Junior League of Indianapolis, they must attest to an application which specifically addresses criminal and/or felony history. Background checks are not currently conducted by or with the JLI, but community partners, including Indianapolis Public School and Patachou, all require background checks for JLI members volunteering in their programs, and provide consents for JLI members to undergo background checks prior to engaging in volunteer activity with children. The cost of those background checks is paid for by JLI.

Use of Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Substances: JLI Volunteers, while attending any event that is for the benefit of youth, are expected to refrain from using or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and/or marijuana products, even if prescribed for medicinal use. In addition, the use and/or possession of illegal drugs or the improper/illegal use of legal drugs is prohibited.

Medications: If JLI members are on prescribed medications for illness, those medications are not to be taken onto the property of any partner while volunteering with youth.

Reporting: If a JLI volunteer observes troubling behavior involving a youth during any volunteer event or becomes aware of a situation that is illegal or potentially unsafe for a young person, she must immediately contact the appropriate on-sight coordinator for JLI or the hosting partner or school, and provide notification of the situation. If is an extreme emergency requiring life-threatening circumstances, the JLI member(s) will call local law enforcement or 911.

Youth and Social Media: For any social networking site that involves requesting a connection (such as inviting someone to be a friend on Facebook), JLI members should never initiate such connections with youth. If a youth requests a connection from a JLI member, she should not respond; simply ignore. JLI members, when functioning in an official capacity for JLI as a volunteer, may not take or post photographs of any child(ren) involved in an activity. If a group photo is requested by a JLI partner, that partner is responsible for securing the necessary releases from parents to take and publish the photos. Likewise, JLI volunteers must also sign releases with the partner to permit usage of their photograph.

Behavioral and Health Issues: JLI volunteers are often seen by a young person as an adult to trust with personal and/or sensitive information. Members should refrain from counseling youth and should instead find, or assist the young person in finding, appropriate expert assistance through onsite JLI or partner coordinator.

Dress Code: When acting in a volunteer role for JLI, members are to dress appropriately which means they will don a JLI volunteer shirt and jeans/capri/long pants. Members are not to wear any other attire, unless specifically noted for a special event, especially any attire that could be considered revealing when volunteering. The volunteer shirt is an identifier for JLI.

Rule of Three: JLI members should refrain from being alone with any person under the age of 18 while volunteering. It is expected that JLI members volunteer in group, public settings with community partner leaders, parents and/or guardians present. If a situation arises where a JLI member could be left alone or perceived to be alone with a child, the JLI member will proactively ask the child’s parent/guardian to accompany. When a parent/guardian is not available, the JLI member will ask a representative of the hosting community partner to accompany them with the child.

Under no circumstances can a JLI member ever drive or otherwise transport a child during a community event.