Partners Advancing Student Success (PASS)

As part of the Junior League's initiative to help prepare students for academic success, our signature project, Partners Advancing Student Success (PASS), started in 2014 in partnership with Stephen Foster Elementary. Through this three-year partnership, the Junior League will provide the school financial and volunteer support in order to meet the most pressing needs of the students and their families.


What is the timing of this project (PASS)?  

In the first year, the JLI started to integrate into the culture of Stephen Foster Elementary in small ways: by collecting school supplies this past August, by holding a General Membership Meeting at Stephen Foster Elementary, and by sponsoring a Fall School Clean-Up Day. In February 2015, a food pantry opened to a small group of families. Later in the Spring, the JLI partnered with OASIS to pilot a tutoring program for 2nd & 3rd graders, DIAD facilitated a Spring Clean-Up Day, and a rummage sale was held along with a Kids in the Kitchen event.

In the second year, the JLI expanded the food pantry's reach to about 100 SFE families and worked to complete a media center refresh on February 6, 2016, which included a donation of over 2,000 books for use in both the media center and classrooms. This Spring, the JLI is planning several events in support of Stephen Foster Elementary, including a rummage sale and Kids in the Kitchen event, during our 94 hours of continuous service to the community as well as a Day of the Child Carnival later in April.

What are key needs at Stephen Foster Elementary?  

According to a survey completed by the teachers and administration of Stephen Foster Elementary School, the students and families could use help with basic needs. To fill that important need, the JLI has chosen to partner with Gleaners Food Bank to open a School-Based Food Pantry in the basement of Stephen Foster Elementary School. The School-Based Food Pantry will be open on Saturdays to the students of Stephen Foster Elementary School and their families. Learn more about Gleaners and their School-based Food Pantry programs.


How will the JLI measure its impact at Stephen Foster Elementary?

We have 3 main goals for Year Two of PASS:

  • Goal 1: Expanded usage of the food pantry;
  • Goal 2: Provide 2,000 books to Stephen Foster Elementary in conjunction with a media center refresh; and
  • Goal 3: Provide climate change training to JLI members to help members better understand how to engage with our community.

How can I help with PASS? 

JLI members can participate in donation drives, volunteer to help with the Library, Kids in the Kitchen or the School-based Food Pantry. Opportunities to help at Stephen Foster Elementary will be announced in the League Link or the Hotline Newsletter.

Who do I contact for more information? 

Please reach out to the PASS Committee at